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If you had any doubts, here's where you can find out for sure.  In our blog we've covered topics from Adirondac history, to vacation planning and whitewater rafting preparation tips.  I hope you enjoy what you find here!  Everything in our blog has been thoroughly fact-checked, especially the stuff we made up.   

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Winning the Pre-Game

Winning the Pre-Game

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It might seem a little daunting. Most of the guests we bring down the river have never been whitewater rafting before. But imagine whitewater rafting on the Hudson River, the same river that flows past the Statue of Liberty! It sounds like a real Adirondack adventure, so the call is made and the rafting tripped is booked. What's the best way to plan for the trip?...

What's in a Name

What's in a Name

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Someone recently remarked that my Adirondac Rafting Company cap had a misspelling. Where was the “k” in Adirondack?  Given owner Bob Rafferty’s keen eye for detail and excellent spelling skills, it’s no surprise that there’s a very good reason for the omission. 

Enjoy One, Share One

Adirondac Rafting Company has partnered with the Regional Food Bank of N.EN.Y to feed needy local families.

When you raft with ARC a donation is made in your honor to the Regional Food Bank of N.E.N.Y. that will provide a meal for a person in need. Enjoy your riverside lunch, and share with the less fortunate. We're into whitewater rafting, and we're into social responsibility. Come raft with us this Spring.

Be the force of change that makes your world a better place. ARC is committed to giving back to our community.

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At Adirondac Rafting Company, our goal is to provide a very entertaining and safe day on the river to each one of our guests. We’ve organized an extremely skilled team on the Hudson River Gorge who are very familiar with the Adirondack Mountain region. Our guides have many years of experience in Adirondack white water rafting and are well educated with the ways of the wilderness environment where we work and live.